Marrakech: Lamb Alley

When a friend of mine heard that I was going to Morocco, he sent me this picture (man on the left). He told me to find this man at Mechoui Alley. Luckily we stumbled upon the alley and I showed this picture to the man (on the right) and asked where I can find him. He said, "That is my father." At first, I didn't believe him because I thought he just wanted us to eat at his shop. But he quickly pointed out the stars and the tiles were the same in the background. There was no doubt there and he welcomed us to his delicious slow roasted lamb.

The pit

The goods

More photos here.

Le Relais de l'Entrecôte

After a day in Versailles (still working on uploading/editing those pics) we came back to the city to try Le Relais de 'Entrecôte. The wait for a table was down the block, felt like I was back in NYC. This restaurant only serves steak and frites with this special green sauce. Their dessert menu was much more elaborate. I would come back here, but would not want to wait in that line. Just like how I feel about Shake Shack.


my first dinner

I was exhausted from my red eye flight to Paris and barely slept. So by the time I got to my apt and unpacked, I was ready for a nap. While I slept, it rained and quickly cleared up. Luckily, I got this shot outside of my balcony.


Soon after I walked around my neighborhood and found this church.

Then I had my first meal, at this restaurant called P'tite Bougnate I ordered a quiche (one of the few things that I recognized on the menu!)


BaoHaus just opened a second location in the East Village and of course I had to check it out. My friend and I shared their Royal Frush combo. No, I didn't spell that wrong, their tagline is Fresh Off The Boat. If you're Asian you'll understand the joke ;) It was also a pleasant surprise to see my friend, Henry as one of their cooks. I ordered the Chairman Bao, Birdhouse Bao and the Robin Givens. Next time I'm thinking of ordering the Uncle Jesse.

Bao Fries

their crazy asian themed mural

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Back in 2008, I lived in Chinatown on this tiny street called Doyers. Even most cab drivers did not recognize this street. A few stores down from my apt was the Nom Wah Tea Parlor. It was always empty and had just the local men drinking tea and playing a game of mah jong. Recently, Nom Wah has been revived by the owner's nephew into a bustling dim sum spot. Of course my friends and I had to check it out.  

love the vintage cash register

Lindsey and Adrienne with their fans

vintage tea cans

(pictures by Cathie)