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august pics

The summer is quickly coming to an end. Sadly it looks like I won't have time to hang out at the beach one last time before I head out to Paris. Here are some snap shots of August....



Super Soaker Collection at The Palms LIC

Artichoke Pizza

14th St and 6th Ave

 (photos by Cathie)



BaoHaus just opened a second location in the East Village and of course I had to check it out. My friend and I shared their Royal Frush combo. No, I didn't spell that wrong, their tagline is Fresh Off The Boat. If you're Asian you'll understand the joke ;) It was also a pleasant surprise to see my friend, Henry as one of their cooks. I ordered the Chairman Bao, Birdhouse Bao and the Robin Givens. Next time I'm thinking of ordering the Uncle Jesse.

Bao Fries

their crazy asian themed mural



My girlfriends and I took over the bar at Cocoron in the LES last week. In Japanese, kokoro means heart and refers to the essence of a person. Which is why I find it fitting that this small restaurant fulfills their name with their personal style of cooking soba in a  warm and welcoming atmosphere.


meet their characters here

Stamina Soba

Green Tea Affogato

(pictures by Cathie)



happy friday


Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Back in 2008, I lived in Chinatown on this tiny street called Doyers. Even most cab drivers did not recognize this street. A few stores down from my apt was the Nom Wah Tea Parlor. It was always empty and had just the local men drinking tea and playing a game of mah jong. Recently, Nom Wah has been revived by the owner's nephew into a bustling dim sum spot. Of course my friends and I had to check it out.  

love the vintage cash register

Lindsey and Adrienne with their fans

vintage tea cans

(pictures by Cathie)